House Training



Obtaining a puppy from a reputable breeder should mean that it arrives fully house trained. A reputable breeder will have had the puppy bred in an environment that would allow the puppy's mother to house train the puppy.

To cover the situation where the above has not occurred is what this article is about.

To start with we need to forget all the old wives about house training. Newspapers are to be read and not used for dogs to eliminate on. Dogs bred in the wild do not have the benefit of newspapers.

Sherry's kitten

Rubbing the dog's nose in it's elimination is a total no-no. Would you rub your new baby's nose in its nappy? I don't think so, so don't do it to your dog as it achieves absolutely nothing. See below re dog's sense of cause and effect.

The method that I have used which has worked successfully for me for more years than I wish to remember and withquite a few different breeds is as follows.

A responsible dog/puppy owner will feed their dog two or three times a day, rather than leave food out all day for the dog to help itself. A dog and especially a puppy, will usually eliminate within 20 minutes of eating. If during this period one keeps an eye on the dog one can pick up the pose the dog takes on just before eliminating. At that time move the dog to a suitable location. Stand back and wait for completion. As soon as the dog has completed its task give it effusive praise as well as rewards, so that it learns that going at this location is a good thing.


If, however, the dog messes in the house punishing it is NEVER an option. Ignore the mess while moving the dog o some other location from which it cannot see the cleanup process. After cleaning, apply a good scent eliminator to the spot, so the dog cannot identify that spot next time around and let the dog back. Dogs cannot over time relate cause and effect. The cause and effect is either immediate (within less than ½ second) or they are two totally separate events, unrelated in the dogs mind Therefore punishing a dog for eliminating in the wrong place only teaches the dog to be scared of you, whereas praising and rewarding the dog for going in the correct place can only have a good effect for both you and the dog..

The above covers a new dog coming into a new pack .

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